At Mistress Posh Totti, we offer the best escort services to our clients. The agency has innumerable escorts whose profiles are readily available on our platform, thus making it easy for our customers to select their preferred personality, physical features, age, and color of their preferred escort. Anyone can find us via a phone call on the number provided above and via email. 

    First of all, the group of escorts at Mistress Posh Totti Escort Agency is all open-minded hence agreeable in terms of the demands of the customers with the understanding that the satisfaction of the customer is our sole and most important source of satisfaction. We wish to bring to the attention of our esteemed clientele that the experience they have with one or several of our personnel are subject to the comprehension that the occurrence entailed two or more consenting adults. Furthermore, the services the escort offers to the client are not contracted hence each individual is bound by the moral understanding that they need to satisfy the other party in the ways that make sense and are agreed to the parties involved.

    Furthermore, the costs of the services that are visible on the profile of each escort are the established market price. Therefore, the costs of the experience with our escort are non-negotiable. Thus, the attitude of ‘discounts’ on returns or more hours taken with the escort is unacceptable. 

    It is prudent to take the escort to an environment that spurs and encourages the romance that is supposed to be the main purpose of the interaction. Moreover, the fare is sent directly to the account of the escort upon confirmation of the occurrence of the meeting. You should trust us that the fare will ensure the escort arrives at the agreed destination. 

    It is worth noting that although one can get prompt bookings with our escorts, it is advisable for you to call in advance of a minimum of a few hours to confirm the availability of the chosen escort. Thank you and all are welcome at Mistress Posh Totti.