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My First time with a 36-year-old as an Escort

Typically, I’m always an active girl. My first time as an escort was only three months ago. I was broke, and I needed some quick cash to help me fix my bills. After a wild thought on a Friday evening, I dashed on my laptop to check out if there were a site where I could get a job as a call girl. To my surprise, Bayswater had some websites that made it clear that they were looking for girls to go on a date with their clients. For a moment, I thought this was a great deal since they had made it clear through the agency that it was not prostitution. Nonetheless, sex was implied in the offer.

My first night out was with a 36-year-old married man. The guy had contacted me through the London escorts agency. Through the website, the offer for a date was $80 per hour with a promise of more tips if he liked my service. Being broke, I said yes for the date. We planned to meet up in one of the hotels in Westminister, he instructed me on what he expected me to wear. When the time for the meet up reached, I dashed into the bathroom and took a quick shower.

I was dressed in one of my favourite pink under-knee short dress with a brown blazer. I arrived on time and walked upscale to the hotel. I nervously manoeuvred my way through the lobby with the hope that I would look like I belonged there and no one would know what I was there for.

I took the elevator to his room; all this time, I whispered a short prayer not to make things worse on my first attempt. I walked into the room with a light knock on the door, and he warmly welcomed me. He was polite and gave me a reassuring look that all was okay. After a little chit-chat, he ordered a red wine and immediately we took our drinks we got down to the real job.

He reached for my hands and planted a kiss on my cheeks, something that sent my blood rushing through my body. Before I knew it, he reached out for my blazer, took it off and unbuttoned my dress. All this time, I thought I was dreaming until he went for my bra, and sheepishly asked, won’t you return the favour? Although I was nervous, I reached for his already erected penis and took off his trousers and boxer.

After a few seconds, he said, “I liked the way you pulled them off; let’s see what else you’re better at doing?” He reached out for my panty, and I ultimately got naked. I started with a hand job by jerking him before giving a blow job that made him moan heavily. At this time, I knew I had done it well. We took turns to explore each other’s body before with embarked on doggy style; he drove me crazily with his power strokes; it was the best sex I ever had in my life since I lost my virginity.

I eventually after enjoying each other’s company, something that took almost 2 hours, I was expecting to be paid $160, but to my surprise, he gave me $800 for an exclusive job well done. I tidied myself up and ordered for a cab home with a promise that we will see each regularly.