Can I get a prompt booking at Mistress Poshtotti?

It is possible to get a prompt booking at our escort agency, but it is advisable to call a few hours earlier to confirm the availability of the selected escort and the adjustment of the meeting time to ensure neither of the parties is disappointed.

Upon two returns, can I get a discount?

A return is a reflection of the high quality and fun of the services that our escorts provide to the customers. Therefore, the prices indicated on the specific profiles are non-negotiable. They are standard and fixed, thus dispelling the possibility of a discount under any circumstances.

Is it possible to make an arrangement with an escort which is out of the working framework with the agency?

The making of an arrangement with one of our escorts is prohibited. First of all, before the agreement of the arrangement, the escort must consent to such. Once the information reaches the agency, her contract with the agency will be terminated, and the client will no longer have a profile with us.

What is the maximum geographical scope of your escort services?

Majority of our clients have over the years been from within London. However, since the start of 2019, we have been offering our services throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. In the next three years, we will be available in all the European countries. 

What is the policy on the place of the meeting and interaction your escort?

We take the security of our escort seriously. Each escort has an application on their phone, which updates us on the place they are at all times. If the phone of the escort goes off without prior notice, she is required to call the agency and offer the details o the anomaly. Otherwise, the representatives of the agency will pick her at the last indicated location to ensure her safety.